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District Anantnag

District Anantnag (Location and Features)

Anantnag is one of the 22 districts of the state situated in its south and south western direction. Geographically the district lies between 33o-20' to 34o-15' north latitude and 74o-30' to 75o-35' east longitude, bounded in the north and north-west by Srinagar and Pulwama districts respectively, in the north east by Kargil district, in the southeast by district Doda, Kishtiwar and in the south and south west by Ramban and kulgam districts respectively. Its entire southern sector and major part of the eastern region is strewn with thick forests and mountains. The height of these mountains in the east, south and west of the district ranges between 2438 meters to 3048 meters and in some areas, the peaks even to a height of 4572 meters. On the west the district is bounded by mighty Pir Panchal range mountains, through which passes the world famous Jawahar Tunnel. The district Anantnag is situated at a distance of 55 Kms. of the south east of Srinagar, the district is spread over an area of 1869 Sq. Kms. There are 394 revenue villages in the District.  These villages are further grouped in 8 (2 partly) Community Blocks. The Anantnag district is not only the rice bowl of the Valley, it is equally rich in landscape of lush green meadows. The nature has been generous in gifting the district with places of unparallel beauty. The district has a feature of possessing the largest number of health resorts in the whole State, of them particular mention may be made of Verinag, Kokernag, Achabal, Daksum and world famous health resort of Pahalgam


Total Geographical Area

186918 hectares

Out of which Forests

116800 Hectares.

Gross Area Sown (Agriculture Crops)

49493 Hectares

Population 2001 Census

7.34 lac souls

Projected Population 2008

9.35 lac Souls

ST Population

0.59 lac souls

Floating Population of Tourists/ Yatries / Migratory Labourers

1.05 lacs (estimated)

Literacy rates

46.50 %.

Total No. of Operational Holdings

1.84 lacs


S.No  Name of the Scheme  Funds Released (Rs.In Lacs)
1 Mission on Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)

Rs.5.405 Lacs (Rupees Five Lacs Forty Thousand and Five Hundred Only)

2 VIUC unspent balance 2014-15

Rs.9.70 Lacs (Rupees Nine Lacs and Seventy Thousand Only)

3 VIUC unspent balance 2014-15

Rs.11.35 Lacs (Rupees Eleven Lacs and Thirty Five Thousand Only)

4 RKVY unspent balance 2014-15

Rs.9.47 Lacs (Rupees Nine Lacs and Forty Seven Thousand Only)

5 Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization Unspent Balance of 2014-15 Rs.5.04 Lacs (Rupees Five Lacs and Four Thousand Only)
6 NFSM (Rice ) unspent balance 2014-15 Rs 13.95 lacs(Rupees Thirteen lacs and Ninety Five thousand only)
7 NFSM -Coarse Cereals (Maize ) revalidated funds 2014-15 Rs 1.00 lacs (Rupees one lac only)
8 NFSM -Pulses 2015-16 Rs 1.32 lacs (Rupees one lac and thirty two thousand only)
9 NFSM -Rice 2015-16 Rs 9.85 lacs (Rupees Nine lacs and eighty five thousand only)
10 RKVY 2015-16 Rs 5.10 Lacs (Rupees Five Lacs and Ten Thousand Only)
11 RKVY 2015-16 Rs 0.70 lacs (Rupees Seventy Thousand only)
12 RKVY 2015-16 Rs 10.17 lacs (Rupees Ten lacs and seventeen thousand only)