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District  Budgam


S.No Particulars Area in Hectares
1 Total area according to village papers 77829
2 Area under Forests 721
3 Area not available for cultivation Land put to non-agricultural uses 8211
Barren and Un-cultivable land 1012


4 Other Un-cultivable Land excluding Fallows Permanent pastures and other grazing lands 6674
Land under miscellaneous tree crops not included in area sown 1180
Culturable waste land 2823


5 Fallow Land Fallow Land other than current Fallows 270
Current Fallows 5122


6 Net Area Sown 51816
7 Irrigated Area 29166

List of Beneficiaries covered under CSS , State and District Plan

List of Beneficiaries covered Under Centrally Sponsored Scheme  2014- 15

List of Beneficiaries covered Under District Plan 2014-15



S.No  Name of the Scheme  Funds Released (Rs.In Lacs)

Mission on Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH).


Rs.7.995 Lacs (Rupees Seven Lacs Ninety Nine Thousand and Five Hundred Only)

2 VIUC Unspent Balance 2014-15 Rs.10.90 Lacs (Rupees Ten Lacs and Ninety Thousand Only)
3 VIUC unspent balance 2014-15 Rs 3.80 Lacs (Rupees Three Lacs and Eighty Thousand Only)
4 RKVY Unspent Balance of 2014-15

Rs.13.29 Lacs (Rupees Thirteen Lacs and Twenty Nine Thousand Only)

5 Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization Unspent  Balance of 2014-15 Rs.5.43 Lacs (Rupees Five Lacs and Forty Three Thousand Only)
6 NFSM -Rice unspent balance of 2014-15 Rs 15.73 lacs (Rupees fifteen lacs and seventy three thousand only)
7 NFSM -Pulses 2015-16 Rs 1.32 lacs (Rupees one lac and thirty two thousand only)
8 NFSM-Rice 2015-16 Rs 10.15 lacs(Rupees Ten lacs and fifteen thousand only)
9 RKVY 2015-16 Rs 4.90 lacs (Rupees Four lacs and ninety thousand only)
10 RKVY 2015-16 Rs 22.20 lacs(Rupees Twenty Two lacs and twenty thousand only)

List of Beneficiaries covered under centrally sponsored schemes during the Year 2015- 16 of District Budgam.