Director of Agriculture, Kashmir


 Joint Director of Agriculture ( Inputs )

1-A Agrostologist

1-A-a  Assistant Agrostologist

1-A-b Agriculture Assistants

1-A-c Research Assistants

1-B Seed Production Officer

1-B-a Assistant Botanist

1-B-b Agriculture Assistants

1-B-c Seed Production Assistant

1-B-d Research Assistants

1-C Potato Development Officer

1-C-a Farm Managers

1-C-b Potato Seed Inspectors

1-D Manager S.M. Farm Padgampora

1-D-a Agriculture Assistants

1-E  Assistant Entomologist ( Apiculture )

1-E-a Apiculture Development Assistant

1-E-b Research Assistant

1-F Water Use Specialist

1-G Agriculture Assistant  ( Allowpora Farm )


 Joint Director of Agriculture ( Extension )

2-A Regional SMS

2-B Programme Officer


 Joint Director of Agriculture ( Engineering )

3-A  Assistant Agriculture Engineers

3-B  Technical Assistants


 Project Co-ordinator Mushroom               

4-A Mushroom Specialist

4-A-a  Sr. Scientist Mushroom

4-A-b  Spawn Production Officer

4-A-c  Jr. Scientist Mushroom

4-A-d  Mushroom Research Officer

4-A-e  Spawn Production Assistants

4-A-f   Mushroom Research Assistants

4-A-g  Mushroom Development Assistant


 Chief Agriculture Officer, Srinagar

5-A District Agriculture Officer, ( Inputs )

5-A-a, Subject Matter Specialist ( D/ L )     

5-A.b  Agriculture Assistant ( inputs )

5-B District Agriculture Officer ( Extension )

5-B-a, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

5-B-b, Subject Matter Specialist ( SDL )

5-B-c,  Agriculture Extension Officers

5-C Assistant Soil Conservation Officer

5-C-a, soil Conservation Assistant

5-C-b, Bio-gas Engineer

5-D Mushroom Development Officer

5-D-a, Mushroom Development Assistant

5-E Apiculture Development Officer

5-E-a, Apiculture Development Assistant


Chief Agriculture Officer, Ganderbal

6-A District Agriculture Officer

6-A-a, Subject Matter Specialist ( D/ L )

6-A-b, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

6-A-c,  Agriculture Extension Officers

6-A-d, Agriculture Assistant (Inputs)

6-A-e, Apiculture Development Assistant

6-A-f Soil Conservation Assistant



Chief Agriculture Officer, Budgam

7-A District Agriculture Officer, (Inputs)

7-A-a Subject Matter Specialist (D/L)

7-A.b, Assistant Soil Chemist

7-A-c, Agriculture Assistant (inputs)

7-B District Agriculture Officer ( Extension )

7-B-a, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

7-B-b, Subject Matter Specialist ( SDL )

7-B-c,  Agriculture Extension Officers

7-B-d, Apiculture Development Assistant

7-B-e, Research Assistant

7-B-f, Mushroom Development Assistant

7-C Assistant Soil Conservation Officer

7-C-a, soil Conservation Assistants

7-C-b, Bio-gas Engineer


Chief Agriculture Officer, Pulwama.

8-A District Agriculture Officer, (Inputs)

8-A-a, Subject Matter Specialist (D/ L)

8-A.b, Assistant Soil Chemist

8-A-c, Agriculture Assistant (inputs)

8-B District Agriculture Officer (Extension)

8-B-a, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

8-B-b, Subject Matter Specialist (SDL)

8-B-c, Agriculture Extension Officers

8-B-d, Apiculture Development Assistant

8-B-e, Mushroom  Development Assistant

8-C Assistant Soil Conservation Officer

8-C-a, soil Conservation Assistants

8-C-b, Bio-gas Engineer


Chief Agriculture Officer,Shopian

9-A District Agriculture Officer

9-A-a, Subject Matter Specialist (D/L)

9-A-b, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

9-A-c, Agriculture Extension Officers

9-A-d, Agriculture Assistant (Inputs)

9-A-e, Soil Conservation Assistants



 Chief Agriculture Officer, Anantnag

10.A District Agriculture Officer, (Inputs)

10.A-a, Subject Matter Specialist (D/L)

10-A-b, Agriculture Assistant (inputs)

10-B District Agriculture Officer (Extension)

10-B-a, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

10-B-b, Subject Matter Specialist (SDL)

10-B-c, Agriculture Extension Officers

10-C Assistant Soil Conservation Officer

10-C-a, soil Conservation Assistants

10-C-b, Bio-gas Engineer

10-D Mushroom Development Officer

10-D-a, Mushroom Development Assistant

10-E Apiculture Development Officer

10-E-a, Apiculture Development Assistant

10- F  Assistant Soil Chemist

10-F-a, Research Assistant



Chief Agriculture Officer,Kulgam

11 A District Agriculture Officer

11-A-a, Subject Matter Specialist (D/L)

11-A-b, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

11-A-c, Agriculture Extension Officers

11-A-d, Agriculture Assistant (inputs)

11-A-e, Apiculture Development officer

11-A-f, Soil Conservation Assistant


 Chief Agriculture Officer, Baramulla

12.A District Agriculture Officer, ( Inputs )

12-A-a, Subject Matter Specialist (D/L)

12-A.b, Assistant Soil Chemist

12-A-c, Agriculture Assistant (inputs)

12-B District Agriculture Officer (Extension)

12-B-a, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer 

12-B-b, Subject Matter Specialist (SDL)

12-B-c, Agriculture Extension Officers

12-B-d, Research Assistant

12-C Assistant Soil Conservation Officer

12-C-a, soil Conservation Assistants

12-C-b, Bio-gas Engineer

12-D Mushroom Development Officer

12-D-a, Mushroom Development Assistant

12-E Apiculture Development Officer

12-E-a, Apiculture Development Assistant


Chief Agriculture Officer, Bandipora

13 A District Agriculture Officer

13-A-a, Subject Matter Specialist (D/L)

13-A-b, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

13-A-c, Agriculture Extension Officers

13-A-d, Agriculture Assistant (inputs)

13-A-e, Apiculture Development officer

13-A-e, soil Conservation Assistants



 Chief Agriculture Officer, Kupwara

14. A District Agriculture Officer, (Inputs)

14-A-a, Subject Matter Specialist (D/L)

14-A.b, Agriculture Assistant (inputs)

14-A-c, Agriculture Assistant

14-B District Agriculture Officer (Extension)

14-B-a, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

14-B-b, Subject Matter Specialist (SDL)

14-B-c, Agriculture Extension Officers

14-B-d, Apiculture Development Assistant

14-C Assistant Soil Conservation Officer

14-C-a, Soil Conservation Assistants

14-C-b, Bio-gas Engineer


 Chief Agriculture Officer, Leh

15.A District Agriculture Officer, (Inputs)

15-A-a, Subject Matter Specialist (D/L)

15-A.b, Assistant Soil Chemist

15-A-c, Assistant Agrostologist

15-A-d, Agriculture Assistant

15-B District Agriculture Officer (Extension)

15-B-a, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

15-B-b, Subject Matter Specialist (SDL)

15-B-c, Agriculture Extension Officers

15-B-C, Research Assistant


Chief Agriculture Officer, Kargil.

16.A District Agriculture Officer, (Inputs)

16-A-a, Subject Matter Specialist (D/L)

16-A.b, Assistant Soil Chemist

16-A-c, Officer Incharge, Khurbathang

16-A-d, Assistant Agrostologist

16-A-e, Agriculture Assistant

16-B District Agriculture Officer (Extension)

16-B-a, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer

16-B-b, Subject Matter Specialist (SDL)

16-B-c, Agriculture Extension Officers

16-B-C, Research Assistant


 Dy. Director of Agriculture (Central)


 Dy. Director of Agriculture ( F.T.C. )

18-A-a Agriculture Information Officer

18-A-b Farm Management Specialist

18-A-c, Training Officer ( Male/female )

18-A-d, Demonstrator  ( Male/female )


Dy. Director of Agriculture ( Law Enforcement )

19-A, Assistant Director Law Enforcement

19-A-a, District Enforcement Officers

19-A-b, Enforcement Inspector

19-A-c, Fertilizer Inspector


 Dy. Director of Agriculture(M& E)

20-A, Assistant Director (Planing)


Director Rakhs & farms

21-A, Assistant Director Rakhs & Farms


 Agriculture Chemist

22-A-a, Assistant Analyst

22-A-b, Assistant Bio- Chemist

22-A-c, Assistant Agriculture Chemist

22-A-d, Research Assistants

22-A-e. Analytical Assistants


 Soil Survey Officer

23-A-a, Assistant Soil Survey Officer

23-A-b, Research Assistants

23-A-c, Cartographer  


 Seed Pathologist

24-A-a, Research Assistant


 Floriculture Development Officer

25-A, Floriculturist

25-A-a, Floriculture Development Assistants

25-A-b, Research Assistants

25-A-c, Florist


 Plant Protection Officer.


Divisional Seed Certification Officer

27-A-a, Seed Certification Assistants


Seed Analyst.

28-A, Senior Scientific Assistants


 Agriculture Information Officer

30 Accounts Officer
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