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         District Kulgam              

Total Cultivated Area 27070.05 Hectares
Irrigated Area 17910.69 Hectares
Un-irrigated Area 9159.36 Hectares
Area under Paddy 11324 Hectares
Area under Maize 7487 Hectares
Area under Vegetables 3000 Hectares
Area under Pulses 2430 Hectares
Area under Fodder  410 Hectares
Area under Oilseed 7674 Hectares
Area under Wheat 20 Hectares
Area under Vegetables 621 Hectares
Area under Fodder (Oats) 1900 Hectares



S.No  Name of the Scheme  Funds Released (Rs.In Lacs)
1 Mission on Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)

Rs.4.505 Lacs (Rupees Four Lacs Fifty Thousand and Five Hundred Only)

2 VIUC unspent balance 2014-15

Rs.8.50 Lacs (Rupees Eight Lacs and FiftyThousand Only)

3 VIUC unspent balance 2014-15 Rs.8.50 Lacs (Rupees Eight Lacs and Fifty Thousand Only)
4 RKVY unspent Balance of 2014-15

Rs.6.15 Lacs (Rupees Six Lacs and Fifteen Thousand Only)

5 Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization Rs.3.43 Lacs (Rupees Three Lacs and Forty Three Thousand Only)
6 NFSM-Pulses 2015-16 Rs 1.27 lacs (Rupees one lac and twenty seven thousand only)
7 NFSM -Rice 2015-16 Rs 8.25 lacs (Rupees Eight lacs twenty five thousand only)
8 RKVY 2015-16 Rs.4.50 Lacs (Rupees four Lacs and Fifty Thousand Only)