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District Pulwama

 The District comprises of two Sub- Division, five blocks and four Tehsils. The District has been divided into nine Agri. Zones &  circles, each circle comprises of 3-4 villages, headed by J.A.E.O (Junoir Agriculture Extension Officer) Each zone comprises of 6-8 circles headed by an Agriculture Extension Officer. The Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer (SDAO) heads different  zones with a team of Subject matter Specialists (SMS). The Total number of Villages in the District are 336 with a population of 573581 and 186 Panhayatis        

List of Beneficiaries Covered under various schemes during the year 2011-12

Panchayat-Wise Completion Schedule Regarding issue of KCC of  District Pulwama


S.No  Name of the Scheme  Funds Released (Rs.In Lacs)

Mission on Integrated Development of  Horticulture (MIDH)

Rs.4.585 Lacs (Rupees Four Lacs Fifty Eight Thousand and Five Hundred Only)


VIUC unspent balance of 2014-15

Rs.7.90 Lacs (Rupees Seven Lacs and NinetyThousand Only)


VIUC unspent balance 2014-15

Rs.3.96 Lacs (Rupees Three Lacs and NinetySix Thousand only


 RKVY Unspent Balance of 2014-15

5.35 Lacs (Rupees Five Lacs and Thirty Five Thousand Only)


Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization Unspent Balance of 2014-15

Rs.1.08 Lacs (Rupees One Lac and Eight Thousand Only)


National Mission on Saffron unspent balance  2014-15

Rs.1095.80 Lacs (Rupees Ten Crores Ninety Five  Lacs and Eighty Thousand Only)


Annual Plan 2015-16 (State Sector)

Rs 5.00 lacs (Rupees Five Lac Only)


NFSM-Rice unspent balance of 2014-15

Rs 12.92 ( Rupees Twelve lacs and Ninety Two thousand only)


NFSM- Pulses 2015-16

Rs 1.27 lacs (Rupees one lac and twenty seven thousand only)


NFSM -Rice 2015-16

Rs 8.85 lacs (Rupees eight lacs and eighty five thousand only)

11 RKVY 2015-16 Rs 4.70 lacs (Rupees Four lacs and seventy thousand only)
12 National Mission on Saffron Development (RKVY) 2015-16 Rs 2211.16 lacs (Rupees Twenty Two Crores Eleven lacs and sixteen thousand only)
13 RKVY 2015-16 Rs 15.00 lacs (Rupees Fifteen lac only)